Marc Jarrett

Marc Jarrett

Saturday, 26 August 2017

PR - Gottesman Company Expands to Great Britain

Eugene Gottesman, President of Gottesman Company - "America's International Network of M&A Business Brokers" - announces that Gottesman has expanded from the USA to the United Kingdom.

HORSHAM, England - Aug. 26, 2017 - PRLog -- With its 1,000 Registered Buyers who own 5,000 companies between them and a loyal staff and 100 M&A professionals, Gottesman Company say they are in a position to do a good job. In fact, they say they have already begun to make progress.

After 32 years operating in America, with frequent inquiries from other countries worldwide, Gottesman Company has decided to integrate itself into the global M&A world. Not only so they have 100 M&A professionals on their team, but they also have close relationships with 1,000 other M&A firms worldwide with whom have they built mutual trust.

"We are now expanding our brokerage team in the UK, on a selective basis, all of whom operate as independent contractors. We are fortunate to have a good research department as well as a good reputation," observes Gottesman, 88, one of only 20 Lifetime Certified Business Intermediaries.

"We work with both Sellers and Buyers of mid-sized businesses with whom we are in direct contact, as well as Sellers from outside firms whom we call Cooperating Intermediaries. Our Seller clients are privately held companies in manufacturing, distribution and large service firms in all types of categories. They include aerospace & defense, health care, logistics, energy, business services and 100 other classifications. Our Buyers are both private and public companies. We are in effect "generalists" because our Brokers come with experience from many fields of endeavor".

Gottesman prefers to operate on a "success fee" basis only. The Company do not require any client to advance retainers or front money.

"We like the British. They keep their word", says Gottesman. "We welcome inquiries from companies, private equity groups, and other brokerage firms, as well as career-minded M&A professionals who can handle "big ticket" transactions".

For more information, go to  To arrange a meeting, call Gottesman Company's UK VP and Regional Manager, Marc Jarrett on +44 (0) 7906786505, or if in the USA, call Eugene Gottesman, President at  203-984-4610 or email

Marc Jarrett
Gottesman Company

The Company now has a UK office
Eugene Gottesman

Saturday, 8 July 2017

The antithesis of a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – life as Business Broker

In an increasingly interconnected world, there are a plethora of work-at-home opportunities.  Some of these are bona-fide.  However, most of them are not.  Advertisements claiming that respondents can make big bucks from the comfort of their own home are often misleading at best, and downright fraudulent in some cases.

This having been said, there are a large number of legitimate opportunities to work remotely on a commission only basis.  And it’s easy to see why: there is no cost or commitment on behalf of the ‘employer’, with a reward system that is directly correlated to results.  But more often than not, the remote worker needs to sell the underlying product or service in great quantities in order to derive a decent living out of it.

Independent Contractors who are not only willing but enthusiastic about working on a commission only basis should therefore consider working in an industry where the commissions are often a great deal more than most people earn in a year: by becoming a Business Broker.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) is the term used to describe the buying and selling of companies.  Professionals in the M&A ecosystem (Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers and Professional Consultants) execute these complex transactions.

The role of a Business Broker is to find a counterparty: to find a seller for buyers, and to find buyers for sellers.  No formal qualifications are needed in order to become a Business Broker.  Many are semi-retired professionals who enjoy the flexibility of working remotely at their own pace in an industry where the financial reward can be significant.

No two days are the same, and it is up to the Broker as to how they structure their working week.  This might include networking at Business Events to meet potential sellers (or buyers), making telephone calls, research, and compiling listings. 

But patience is needed: Even if a successful introduction is facilitated by the Broker, it can sometimes take a year or more for any deal to cross the finishing line.  This is why most Business Brokers are already financially independent and do not need a monthly income, or they are working professionals who execute their M&A activities on a part time basis.

To conduct such work independently world be a herculean undertaking.  It therefore makes much more sense for such individuals to work within an umbrella organisation that gives them the scale and support that is needed in order to succeed in this business.

Gottesman Company ( is one of the world’s largest networks of independent M&A Business Brokers.  It was established in 1985 by Eugene Gottesman, Lifetime CBI, and Chairman. 

Gottesman is different from conventional Business Brokers. We do not “represent” either the buyer or the seller as a fiduciary agent. Instead, we operate as independent M&A Business Brokers, part of the largest such firm in the United States, with close to 100 professionals.  We arrange the initial introduction and we only earn a fee when there is a successful transaction.

Given the increasing prevalence and increasing number of lower mid-market cross-border mergers and acquisitions, we are now hiring Independent Contractors to represent us in all countries throughout the world. 

If you have at least 10 to 40 years of general business and/or outside sales experience, know how to read a basic financial statement, and are computer literate you are welcome to apply to become our representative in your region.  A week’s training, ongoing support, and sales leads are provided to successful applicants.

This is diametrically the opposite of a ‘Quick Buck’ – it’s a slow burn.  However, life as a Business Broker for those who have patience can be very rewarding indeed, not only financially, but in the flexibility of working flexibly from home at a pace of your choosing

For more information, download and read the Application Briefing on